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 Glass Fab, Inc. 


United States

Rochester, New York
United States

Fabricates unfinished optics from raw optical glass stock. Services include grinding, cutting, slicing, and CNC machining. Rochester.
Desc: Glass Fab, Inc.- Glass Machining, Optical Glass, Filter Glass
  Glass Fab Inc was started in Robert Saltzman's Garage in 1974. Glass Fab Inc's first products were rough cut blanks to loose tolerances. In 1975 we purchased our first 4 automatic band saws to produce plano/plano blanks efficiently. By 1979 Company sales hit 1.1 million.
Category: Optoelectronics and Fiber\ Optics
  Glass Machining - Optical Glass - Filter Glass - Fused Quartz - Fused Silica - Corning Ule - Corning 7980 - Corning 7740 - Corning Hpfs - Excimer Fused Silica - Zerodur - Schott Borofloat - Optical Materials - Colored Glass Filters - Color Filters - Lens Blanks - Mirror Blanks - Window Blanks - Prism Blanks - Astrositall - Pc Fab - Fab - Fab Closure - 300mm Fab - Number Of Fab - Fab Upgrades - Global Fab

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  PLX Inc.: Manufactures complex optics including retroreflectors, pentaprisms, and monolithic interferometers. New York. PLX Inc. ...Meeting the challenge of the most demanding optical applications. PLX Inc. 40 West Jefryn Blvd., Deer Park, NY 11729 Phone: 631.586.4190 Fax: 631.586.4196 Enter our Website.
OptoLife Optics: Manufacturer of custom precision optics including aspheric lenses, mirrors, prisms, and windows. Shanghai. OptoLife manufactures and supplies lenses in optical crown and heat resistant borosilicate (other material types are available), with single layer or multi-layer anti-reflective coatings to increase light transmission properties. Our comprehensive optical Lens widely for stage lighting,
Opto Engineering: Offer standard products, such as telecentric lenses and LED illuminators. OPTO ENGINEERING is the leading manufacturer of bi-telecentric lenses for advanced imaging and dimensional control applications. Besides very high image resolution, these lenses provide uncommonly high telecentricity, depth of field and very low distortion. Best quality/price ratio in the world
Precision Glass Products Co.: Fabrication of fused quartz and glass components including quartz jigs and fixtures. Pennsylvania. Fused quartz and technical glass are remarkably versatile engineering materials, with unique physical properties. Unlike metals, they are transparent, relatively immune to corrosion in most environments, and strong and stable. Literally thousands of different types of glass
Sterling Precision Optics: Optics fabrication and manufacturing shop offering slicing, CNC machining, grinding, and polishing of optics from raw stock. Illinois. Sterling Precision Optics is a multi-faceted optical component manufacturer with an equipment base that includes high-speed polishing, band sawing, drilling coating and grinding. Sterling has the capability to supply a wide
Precision Photonics Corp: Manufacturerer of stock and custom optics including etalons, prisms, beasmplitters, micro-optics, composite laser structures, laser mirrors and polarizers. Offers epoxy-free bonding, ultrahigh-tolerances and ion-beam-sputtered coatings. Colorado.
Syntec Technologies, Inc. : Manufacturer of polymer optics, optics molds, and diamond turned optics. Specializing in tight tolerances and high-index polymers. Rochester.
OP-Unite Solution: Specializes in precision optical components with kinds of coatings. Such as lens, window, mirror, filter, prism, beamsplitter, assembly, and crystal. China. OP-Unite specilizes in high-precision optics, including lenses, windows, mirrors, filters, prisms, beamsplitters and lens assemblies etc. Specialized coatings are also part of our expertise.
PG&O - Precision Glass and Optics : Manufacturer of precision optics including lenses, mirrors, prisms, and assemled optics. Offers raw glass through coating and assembly. California.
P&P Optica Inc.: Optical consulting and spectrometer manufacturer. Provides high performance, multichannel, and imaging spectrometers. Offers optical design, prototyping and manufacturing services for custom optics. Ontario, Canada. P&P Optica offers many types of UV, VIS and NIR spectrometers, tailored to the most demanding applications such as observations of small concentration changes, detection of
Optek Manufacturing: Custom components, specializing in odd shapes and sizes. Includes FAQ and business information. New Hampshire.
Suss MicroOptics : Manufacturer of refractive microlens arrays and micro-optics. Switzerland. SUSS MicroOptics is committed to providing the highest quality components through leading edge manufacturing techniques. Combined with a unique blend of people skills, its innovative advances in technology make us a leader in its product offerings.
Definitive Technology : Specializing in bipolar loudspeaker systems for home theater, music listening, surround sound and in-wall use. USA.
Epiphany Audio: Makes ribbon and multi-drivers tower loudspeakers. USA.

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