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 The Silent PC  




Information on noiseless technology, standards, and ergonomics. Includes solutions, tips, forums and links.
Desc: The Silent PC
  The Silent PC investigates the acoustic aspect of information technology ergonomics, and a new growing market for acoustic comfort.
Category: Human Interfaces\ Human-Computer Interaction
  Silent Pc - Quiet Pc - Pc Noise - Noise - Sound - Market - Dba - Bel - Tco - Tco Development - Work - Home - Noise Emissions - Environment - Ergonomics - The Ergonomics Of Sound - Human Factors - Acoustic Aspect - Acoustics - Acoustic - Acoustic Comfort - Purchaser - Customer - Standard - Eu - Silent P - Silent - Silent Pc - Genset Silent - Silent Start - Ht V C B Silent Dg Sets - Silent Star

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  Stanford HCI: Degree programs in a number of departments emphasizing design, implementation, testing and analysis. United States.
Carnegie Mellon University: Study how people design, implement and use interactive computer systems, and how computers affect individuals, organizations and society. United States.
ICL: Interactive Cognition Lab at UCSD Cognitive Science: Researches fundamental topics needed for designing interactive environments. Areas of research, affiliations, virtual tour of the lab, projects, staff, and publications.
Saskatchewan University: Human Computer Interaction lab. Includes publications and projects. Canada.
Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab: Researches and designs interactive technologies that motivate and influence users. Also referred to as captology. United States.
UMBC Interactive Systems Research Center : Investigate design, implementation, and evaluation of interactive systems. Baltimore, United States.
M.I.N.D. Lab : Dedicated to research on how technology can augment human ability. They study human-computer interaction and communication applications of emerging technologies. The MIND Labs are integrated through the central lab at Michigan State University campus.
TorCHI: Local chapter of the ACM Special Interest Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Stubbs, David : Consultation, training, and down-in-the-trenches work with user-centered methods. Focus on specifying requirements. Located in Oregon, USA.
CapCHI: Local chapter of the ACM Special Interest Group, Ottawa, Canada.
Altia - User Interface Design and GUI Software : Provides graphical user interface design tools that allow GUI creation, usability testing, and code generation. Offers Human-Machine-Interface software for interaction designers, programmers, and simulation modelers.
CardSort - Tool for structuring information : A Java-based card sorting application. It supports Open Card Sorting and Closed Card Sorting techniques. The results can be analysed with EZCalc (IBM Tool).
CardSword : A Java-based Open Source application supporting open and closed card sorts. The software includes two separate tools - a sorting tool for the participants and an administration/analysis tool for the information architect to setup the card sort and analyze the results.
Schematica Software : Filter design software for electronics engineers and technicians. Filter Wiz for active filter design; OpFil for both passive and active filter design.

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  CGC Customers, Lancaster Development, Northern Electric, and The Sack Company Win 2019 Constructech Vision Awards for Innovative Application of eCMS Construction Software: SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - August 29, 2019 -- Computer Guidance Corporation, the leading developer of ERP software solutions for the construction industry, today announced that its customers, Lancaster Development, Northern Electric, and The Sack Company were named...
Bloomy Announces Aircraft Simulation Systems for HIL Test of Electronic Control Systems: WINDSOR, Conn. - April 23, 2019 -- Bloomy Controls, Inc. (Bloomy) today announced the availability of three new simulation systems for HIL test of electronic control systems, along with the Bloomy Simulation Reference System. The Bloomy FADEC/EEC Test Platform...
ACOPower Launches LiONCooler, the 1st Smart Portable Rechargeable Solar Cooler/Freezer at CES: WALNUT, Calif. - March 15, 2019 -- ACOPower has launched a range of smart portable coolers/freezers that help solve some major “pain-points and pleasure wants”. No more rummaging through layers of capacity sapping heavy ice for a randomly cool beverage orrescuing...
Larson Electronics LLC Releases Temporary Trailer Mounted Work Station: KEMP, Texas - January 27, 2018 -- The WAT-18x6-TNDM-LT.WLD.DG.AC-MOD1 from Larson Electronics is an IP23-rated temporary work station, mounted on a heavy-duty trailer with two, 3,500 lbs. axles and includes: one Lincoln multi-process welder, a two-stage air...
Larson Electronics LLC Releases Single Phase Buck/Boost Step-Up Explosion Proof Transformer: Kemp, TX - November 05, 2017 -- Larson Electronics LLC, leader in industrial lighting and equipment, has released a new single-phase explosion proof buck and boost step-up transformer. This transformer provides increased reliability, higher efficiency, protection...


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