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Designs custom systems and custom chips.
Desc: Aemics B.V. The Netherlands
Category: Components\ Integrated Circuits
  Custom Chip - Custom System - Chip - Asic - Custom Chip - Ceramic Chip Capacitors Chip Capacitors - Binary Chip Capacitors Chip Capacitors - Custom Lcds Custom Character - Ic Chip - Vw Chip - C Chip

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  Prejection Industrial Corporation: Prejection Industrial Corporation was founded in 1987 as manufacturer of electronic coil, air coils, electric coils, antenna coil, RFID coils and power choke. Long-standing experience, advanced technology, uncompromising insistence on quality and continuously upgraded skill have been the success of the high quality electronic coils. Our company is committed to
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG : Develops and produces application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), application-specific standard products (ASSPs) and mixed analog/digital ASICs for the automotive, communication and industrial m...
SolarFlare Communications, Inc : Produces 10GBase-T (10 Gig Ethernet) physical layer devices.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) : Produces flash memory, microprocessors (mainly x86), communications ICs, and embedded system ICs.
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc. (SST) : Manufactures flash memory and microcontrollers. SST is a leading provider of nonvolatile memory solutions with product families that include various densities of high functionality flash memory components and flash mass storage products. The Company also offers its SuperFlash technology for embedded applications through its broad network of world-class manufacturing
Linear Technology Corporation : Produces a line of integrated circuits that support the communications, computing, industrial, and automotive markets.
Genesys Logic, Inc. : Vendor of USB, Firewire and system monitoring components. Genesys Logic, Inc. (GLI) is a fabless IC design house renowned for its leadership in high-speed IO technologies. It is one of the best known companies in the industry for its USB 2.0 technology. Its USB related products have received more compliance
Summit Microelectronics : Manufacturer of programmable analog products. Specifically aimed at environmental monitoring.
Ample Communications, Inc : Manufactures communications ICs for SONET, SDH, and Ethernet.
Supertex Inc. : Vendors of high voltage ICs and DMOS transistors. Supertex, Inc. is a technology-based producer of high voltage analog and mixed signal semiconductor components, primarily to interface between low voltage computer signals and high voltage applications in the real analog world. We design, develop, manufacture and market these high voltage semiconductor
Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc : Produces operational amplifiers as well as ICs for power supply design (DC converters and voltage regulators, references, and detectors).
Advanced Linear Devices, Inc. : Develops, manufactures and markets precision low power linear ICs. Products include EPAD® (Electrically Programmable Analog Devices) MOSFETs, rail-to-rail operational amplifiers, EPAD op amps, dual s...
Hama Sensors Inc.: Manufactures optoelectric reflective sensors for robotic handling and alignment of semiconductor wafers. Also produces through-beam laser micrometers for precision measurement in semiconductor and electronics industries.
Opticonx, Inc.: Manufacturer of fiber optic hardware and interconnect products including cable assemblies, patch cords, patch panels, splitter kits, cable and associated products.

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Bloomy Announces Aircraft Simulation Systems for HIL Test of Electronic Control Systems: WINDSOR, Conn. - April 23, 2019 -- Bloomy Controls, Inc. (Bloomy) today announced the availability of three new simulation systems for HIL test of electronic control systems, along with the Bloomy Simulation Reference System. The Bloomy FADEC/EEC Test Platform...
A Nonprofit Builds Solar Energy Generators to Pop Up Hospitals in Puerto Rico: SAN DIEGO - October 28, 2017 -- A San Diego based non-profit, GETCHARGEDUP pilots an initial fleet of solar and battery generators to power “popup” hospitals in Puerto Rico that can treat roughly 600 patients per day. Renewable energy veteran and founder,Faisal...
Sendyne Awarded Chinese Patent for Novel Current Sensing Invention: New York, NY - September 15, 2017 -- Sendyne Corp. has been issued a Certificate of Utility Model Patent by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People s Republic of China. The patent covers a proprietary specialized circuit utilized by Sendyne saward...
L-com Releases IP68 Fiber Plugs, Receptacles and Jam Nuts: NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. - July 25, 2017 -- L-com Global Connectivity, a preferred manufacturer of wired and wireless connectivity products, announced today that it has launched a new series of LC fiber plugs, receptacles and jam nuts to address high speed voice...


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