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ACOPower Launches LiONCooler, the 1st Smart Portable Rechargeable Solar Cooler/Freezer at CES
18th March, 2019

WALNUT, Calif. - March 15, 2019 -- ACOPower has launched a range of smart portable coolers/freezers that help solve some major “pain-points and pleasure wants”. No more rummaging through layers of capacity sapping heavy ice for a randomly cool beverage or rescuing wet food from the bottom of part melted ice-water.

The LiONCooler is easily operated with its illuminated digital temperature control display to ensure drinks and food are “custom chilled-to-order” - all without the inconvenience of ice. The LiONCooler can be remotely operated using the iOS/Android Bluetooth App that pairs with the product to make control even more convenient. The LiONCooler helps make outdoor leisure and pleasure pursuits an affordable luxury - who doesn t love ice-chilled drinks on a hot day? Add in the ability to recharge the LiONCooler s long life built-in Lithium-ion battery with solar panels (optional) and you have a truly smart portable cooling solution for everyday use or back up chilling for emergencies.

ACOPower had earned a reputation in the portable solar panel and solar generator industries when Founder Jeffrey Tang Ph.D identified a gap in the “ice-less” cooler models that were still dependent on being “plugged-in”. Tang turned his attention to solving the portable power conundrum by integrating a powerful battery into each unit with 3 flexible recharging options; 12v DC, AC wall socket or solar.

“Other electric cooler/freezer models on the market cannot be easily operated without a cable - so we built-in a powerful removable battery capable of 10-15 hrs usage on a full charge plus some flexible recharging options. Solar is our specialty, but this is just one option to recharge the battery - we know some people still prefer 12v DC or AC power and that’s Ok by us” says Tang.

The outdoor portable cooling market has seen a huge boom with the arrival of many heavily insulated traditional ice-coolers. The LiONCooler bucks the current design trends by focussing on smart technology to give customers what they really want - convenience, temperature control and portable power during camping trips, Rv, boating, tailgating, backyard and outdoor adventures. With the increasing frequency of power outages caused by natural disasters, ACOPower is also seeing interest from customers actively seeking backup refrigeration/freezing to preserve expensive perishables and for application in medical vaccine cooling. WATCH THE VIDEO:

The Tech Cooling can be digitally controlled on the unit or using the Smart App across temperatures as low as -4f (-20C) giving “true freezing”. Capacity ranges from 15-52 quarts. Each unit comes with a Lithium-ion battery lasting about 10 hrs when fully charged. Battery re-charging takes approximately 4-6 hours whether using AC/DC/Solar. Charging cables are supplied for AC/DC/Solar recharge options. A fully warrantied (2 years) LG compressor and internal controller ensure smooth quiet running with no risk of overload (90W solar panel is optimum but higher Watts can be safely input). Any solar panel can be used to recharge the battery using the MC4 universal connector provided. All LiONCooler units come with a telescopic luggage handle for easy portability except the 15 quart model. The LiONCooler achieves and maintains the desired internal temperature regardless of ambient. The NEW 2019 easy “snap-in” battery makes exchange/removal/recharge a sweet customer interface. Spare batteries can be purchased as accessories.

About ACOPOWER ACOPower designs and supplies innovative Smart consumer electronics solutions in power storage-generation-portable appliances on a global scale from its California warehouse. With the launch of the LiONCooler, ACOPower commenced an outreach program to work with suitable global retail and distribution partners.

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