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DuPont Launches Breakthrough Products for the Electric and Electronic Industries
18th October, 2017

GENEVA - October 17, 2017 -- To mark the start of the 25th edition of the Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing, DuPont is pleased to announce a new DuPont™ Rynite® grade for the electric and electronic industries and a new laser transparent black DuPont™ Zytel® grade. Rynite® FR533NH is a new resin that offers enhanced performance capabilities in electric and electronic applications. Zytel® LT70G35EF is a new laser weldable grade that allows both laser absorbent and laser transparent parts to be welded in black. These latest products have a unique combination of properties and mark the latest step in DuPont s on-going commitment to meet customer needs through partnership and innovation.

Rynite® FR533NH

Rynite® FR533NH represents the company s first halogen-free polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin for electrical component applications.

This new grade of Rynite® provides higher productivity solutions compared to existing products, with superior temperature resistance and significant environmental benefits. At the same time, this resin represents a safe and cost-effective response to the key market demands of improving strength and enhancing durability.

Rynite® FR533NH is DuPont s first non-Halogenated PET (polyethylene terephthalate) resin for applications in IT equipment, such as chargers, transformers relays, switches and motors in unattended household appliances. Without compromising safety and technical performance, Rynite® FR533NH complies with demanding European regulatory standards, including the European Union s REACH Regulation, the RoHS Directive on hazardous substances, and the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Package. Rynite® FR533NH balances mechanical and electrical performance while offering the best long-term heat exposure performance in the market. In addition, the resin shows improved flow performance and lower density compared to existing halogenated PET, which makes it a lower cost and more efficient solution.

We are delighted to present Rynite® FR533NH at Fakuma. This product is unparalleled in terms of performance and high-temperature resistance. When it comes to environmental requirements, Rynite® FR533NH helps customers to comply with very stringent regulations, says Antonio Nerone, Development Program Manager, DuPont.

Zytel® LT70G35EF

Zytel® LT70G35EF is DuPont s new laser transparent black Zytel® grade suitable for electric applications. Laser welding is a technique for joining plastic components in automotive electronics, and laser-weldable polymers consist of a natural colored laser-transparent part and a black colored laser-absorbent part. Zytel® LT70G35EF allows both parts to be welded in black, and therefore directly meets the desire of customers for all components to be welded in one and the same color.

Investments in the capacities of DuPont s Technical Centre in Meyrin, Switzerland, have played a key role in developing this new grade. Since it is a laser transparent grade, Zytel® LT70G35EF renders assembly through laser welding safe, easy, vibration free, and fast, which is due to fast heat disposal. These advantages can additionally contribute to cost savings in production, as well as cycle time reduction. Using this grade also guarantees organic heat stabilization, especially in a moist environment where electric current is also present.

Finally, corrosion free contact between metal and plastics ensures part safety and reliability. This is possible because Zytel® LT70G35EF offers electrically stable performance, resisting the shifting of electrical properties after parts have been exposed to 85 °C / 90% RH (Relative Humidity) environments. DuPont has developed laser welded parts especially to showcase at Fakuma and demonstrate how Zytel® LT70G35EF works in practice.

DuPont has over twenty years of experience of working directly together with customers, from art to part and throughout the entire development process. These breakthrough offerings are just the latest example of how DuPont is dedicated to anticipating market needs and finding future-proof solutions for industry and consumers alike. To learn more about DuPont s performance materials offerings, go to

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