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Sendyne Awarded Chinese Patent for Novel Current Sensing Invention
17th September, 2017

New York, NY - September 15, 2017 -- Sendyne Corp. has been issued a Certificate of Utility Model Patent by the State Intellectual Property Office of the People s Republic of China. The patent covers a proprietary specialized circuit utilized by Sendyne s award winning, high precision SFP Family of high current and high voltage measurement devices. The dual switching circuit significantly reduces input offset error. As such, it enables SFP Family devices to achieve typical accuracy of better than 0.5% over an automotive temperature range of –40 °C to +125 °C.

Sendyne has been awarded several US Patents for its innovative current sensing technology. This is the first Sendyne patent in China, where a significant effort for electrification is underway. With the addition of this patent, Sendyne now achieves patent coverage in one of the biggest markets for energy storage products, said Aakar Patel, VP of Business Development, Sendyne Corp.

Reading current accurately is critical in several applications, ranging from testing laboratories to energy storage systems, such as electric vehicles and grid scale batteries. In battery power systems, incorrect readings of even small currents over a period of time distorts the information on available energy, consequently compromising system management decisions. The ability of the SFP Family to read small currents allows the devices to perform accurate Coulomb counting, which makes possible, for example, more reliable State of Charge and State of Health predictions. Sendyne employs this technology in all its current, voltage and temperature sensing products. Sendyne s current sensing products have been established as the most accurate in the industry and are currently used in aerospace, automotive, industrial and test equipment applications by a variety of leading companies.

This patent was prepared by the Oppedahl Patent Law Firm LLC.

About Sendyne
Sendyne delivers key technologies for battery system management. These include: The SFP family of ICs and modules for precise current, voltage and temperature measurements with built-in Coulomb counting; dtSolve, a small footprint, high speed model solver for embedded predictive control; and CellMod— high accuracy, physics-based battery cell and pack models.

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